Recruiters, we are now working with your physician candidates as virtual assistants to screen and review each new opportunity. Please rest assured that every call/email that you submit is being evaluated against their personal criteria. The best part? Instead of the endless rounds of cold calls and emails w/no notion if anyone is receiving your outreach, you will receive feedback w/in a few hours. Even better? If we realize we have another client that is a better match for you – we’ll let you know that, too.

We’ve been there. When the phone is not ringing for your opportunity, few options are left except to pick up the phone or send e-blasts to potential candidates. Let us help you with that. We create a thorough physician profile for each Recruiter Valet client, and stand your opportunity up to that profile. We represent both passive and active candidates (and many active candidates who for confidentiality reasons remain under the radar).
The introductory cost of our service to you is $5.99 per contact/opportunity. THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES. We feel this pure approach allows us to evaluate and present your opportunity without bias to our physician clients.

What you get for your introductory special $5.99 fee:

Your communication is reviewed against selected physician profile
Opportunities that meet criteria are presented to the physician
After review and/or physician consultation, you receive email feedback
Most importantly, if we have a physician match, we’ll set up a meeting for you to move forward
You arrived at this website at the request of one of our physician clients. So, let’s get you started!

Recruiters, get started now!  Get Started, or call 844-448-2538.