Physicians, get your life back! Be free to once again answer your phone and open your email knowing that any recruiting information has been redirected. If you are an active candidate, or a even a non-candidate, Recruiter Valet virtual assistant can be a game changer.

Utilizing our extensive industry experience, we offer free call/email screening to our physician clients to evaluate various opportunities. We’ll help you redirect recruiter calls and give you back your phone and email. Together, we’ll develop a personal profile for you so whether you are an active, passive or non-candidate we can free you from the burden of daily recruiter communication. With years in the business, we’ll help you evaluate opportunities based upon your criteria and our extensive industry knowledge.

Who pays for this service? Recruiters pay a small administrative fee for each presentation. There are no other fees.

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If you would like to speak with someone on our end, please call 844-448-2538.